This is how it works. You pay a camera fee of $75 and I invest about 3 hours

photograhing your pet, editing & enhancing the photos on a computer. Next

I create a set of previews  and schedule a time for you to evaluate the photos.

If you are pleased, you place an order. If not. you are not obliged to order anything.

What to look for in a fine portrait.

PERSPECTIVE. The ideal perspective is eye ball to eyeball with the camera about the same height as the subjects head & shoulders. Think of DaVinci's "Mona Lisa" -  estimated value $600 million. Inexperienced photographers often use a birds eye perspective with the camera above the pet and the pet looking up at the camera.  Okay for snapshots, but not for portraits.

A FINE PORTRAIT should be honest, realistic and believable. It should catch the eye,

warm the heart . . . linger in the memory. The pet's body should look natural and graceful.

Awkward poses and gaping tongues are hallmarks of the amateur photographer.

THE PET SHOULD  be crisply focused and the background should be softly focused or

out of focus. This pops the pet off the background creating the illusion of depth in the photo.

It also insures that the viewers eyes go right  to the subject.

BACKGROUNDS present a major challenge. The background should be some distance

behind the subject and free of distractions like phone poles, signs and gaudy colors.

The colors in the background should enhance the colors in the pet's coat.  

A common mistake is to plaster the subject against a cluttered  background leaving

the viewer puzzled about the real subject of the photo.

ARRESTING TIME  The photographers task is to capture a revealing moment and

make it live forever . . . a moment that reveals beauty . . . character . . . personality.

The goal is to create photos that make you smile everytime you look at them . . .photos

you can frame and display with pride . . .photos you will cherish for a lifetime.